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Fashion Design and Sewing are My Therapy. It’s an ADRENALINE RUSH from the time I arrive at the fabric shop, til the time I get back home and cut out patterns to create something new and distinctive. (In this pic above, I’m wearing an animal print shawl jacket I designed and made.)

I remember at the age of 18, 19 – me sketching diagrams of fashion merchandise… Shoes, clothes, boots and costume jewelry. I’ve always had a passion for fashion. In my mind and creative eye, there are hundreds of brand new clothes designs that could be invented just from fabrics in stores.

When you get fabrics ordered online, it opens the vortex of designs even more because there’s much more fabric online than in stores. I get so excited that I can look at a particular material and say, “that’s a column dress design.” Or “that’s part of a dressy jumpsuit design.”

I work well with laces, fishnets, sequins, patterns, prints, solids, furs, leathers, knits, stretches and non-stretches, prints and patterns. I CAN HELP! If I’m left in a room of fashion fabrics, I will create many designs, guaranteed!

My dream come true, is to have a successful and international fashion clothing and footwear line of my designs, for regular size and plus size women.
I envision myself designing and sewing for years to come… Now, I am working hard to make that dream come alive.

All merchandise I design and produce is because of the fulfillment of my client, YOU. You are my primary interest and my investment… I put time, energy and work in to your satisfaction with every creation.

This is never about just a one-time, or once-in-awhile sale, this is about customer loyalty, learning more, growing more and business success!

I am here for YOU…
Let’s develop a great communication between one another, so that I can get you what you want, at the price you need so I can keep you coming back.

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