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A lot of times, it has been my personal experience that if you do a Google search online or something for the keyword fashion t-shirts or high fashion t-shirts, you may come across a local t-shirt supplier or some basic-ass, un-original compilation of styles that could oh-so-easily be blended in with millions of others matching not-so fabulous t-shirt designs. Wow. Really?

That’s a shame.

Don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with preferring basic, plain, mainstream or blending in with everyone else fashion. If you like that, I love that for you. To each his own. Granted.

But right now, this article is in dedication to the conjuring and lure of the many, many men, women and even kids out there in this world that dare to be different and distinguished.* The ones who choose the appealing and yet distinctive, the sort-of underground high fashion clothing line. I guess the modern terminology for this would be indie fashion.

I have even done searches online via Google and Bing for keyword terms including indie t-shirts, unique t-shirts, stylish t-shirts and t-shirts with designs. Even seeing the types of results that come up on search engines these search engine giants, you will see many styles but many of them are not really distinctive. I’m thinking to myself, is this what is considered to be unique, exotic and distinctive? This can’t be! The styles in the search results usually blend in with each other. Nothing that really says, I am DIFFERENT… Hear me Roar! 😜😁🤣

But in fact, this is where Diamondfire Apparel comes in…

What would you call these types of designs? Could they be considered apart of hip hop fashion?

wholesale jersey tanks for men and women – #fashiontshirts – diamondfire apparel boutique – #fashiont-shirts

Now let’s not confuse this… There is a fashion boutique shop for Diamondfire Apparel, but then there is also an indie fashion blog for Diamondfire Apparel. And the fashion blog is absorbed with fun and interesting content including news, photography, fashion art, quotes, food recipes and last but certainly not least poetry. That’s right! Diamondfire Apparel Official Indie Fashion Blog is definitely not your average fashion blog at all. These types of content are featured on the blog because they are highly interesting topics and nothing beats offering a nice variety of intriguing things in one place. You’re Invited. (Wink!)


high fashion zip up hoody – fashion hoodies – diamondfire apparel boutique store

Getting ready for New Year Fashion, 2021

More new styles coming to a ‘hood near You! More new types of clothing like fleece pants, more styles of t-shirts and more distinctive fashion designs will be produced and added. All merchandise available is only supreme quality and name brand – with the Diamondfire Apparel artwork, logos and slogans. Each design featured on this boutique store was handmade by DesignerAfi.

Afi Fennick - Founder of Diamondfire Apparel boutique and Blog -
Afi Fennick – Founder of Diamondfire Apparel boutique and Blog –

Fashion Design is My Therapy. I remember at the age of 18, 19 – me, sketching diagrams of fashion merchandise. Shoes, clothes, boots and costume jewelry. I’ve always had a passion for fashion. I taught myself how to sew fashion clothes and accessories when I bought my first sewing machine from Walmart online.

I think that taking on the challenge of fashion sewing became such a “learn-able task” for me because both my mother and grandmother were also seamstresses, plus I am a hands-on learner. My mother was a highly skilled seamstress. She used to handmake pillows and curtains, even my baby clothes! (I am not anywhere near THAT skilled in fashion sewing, lol!) But I guess that I “inherited” the skill. I DO know how to make fashion blouses, shawls, jackets, furs, skirts and tube dresses, certain fashion accessories, etc. I had to learn firsthand what the construction of fashion garments were like. It was an interesting experience. I am lighting up as I am talking about this subject now. (blushing) Review my fashion resume.

I still enjoy fashion sewing very much, but I think now that I am getting older I have less patience and time to do it. I have grown to respect seamstresses and designers of a higher seniority. Generally-speaking, when people go into a fashion store or see an item of fashion, they don’t really understand the labor and creativity that was put in to the make and look of the item. And the more creative the design, the more work was necessary to put in. I acknowledge this, as a seamstress who makes her own clothing, I have come to respect this very much.

That’s why I design t-shirts and clothing now. You can definitely get creative with t-shirt designs and it takes less time!

shop fashion t shirts
exotic fashion t-shirts and unique t-shirt designs

Calling ALL Creative, Fashion-loving Ambassadors and Affiliates!

Fashion Ambassador

Fashion Ambassadors + Fashion Affiliates

One of my affiliate programs, called the #TEAMDIAMONDFIREAPPAREL Ambassador Program allows you to display your ‘style, individuality and swagger’ and calls for men and women of all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life.

With this program fashion ambassadors get various benefits like shopping discounts including 10 percent off of the entire Ambassadors section, also the men’s, women’s and kid’s sections of the boutique. Ambassadors also get free, high quality online promotion, including display advertisements, video advertising, emails and more.

The program also gives you the benefit of creating your own custom discount code to give to your followers for a 10 percent USD discount off their purchase. Through your promotion, you will earn a 10 percent USD commission from all sales driven from your promotions paid through Paypal, money order or even a store credit if you prefer.

If that isn’t all, Ambassadors can earn 10 percent in sales PLUS up to an additional 5 percent (total of 15%) in weekly commission bonuses promoting Diamondfire Apparel clothing designs for #FashionAmbassadors recruiting the weekly sales minimum of 100 orders per week.

Introducing the Tribute Tee…


Diamondfire Apparel features a fashion tribute T shirt with the slogan of ‘I destroy challenges, haters, obstacles and setbacks’. The main purpose of this fashion tee and its slogan is that there is a spiritual and motivational, message behind it.

The slogan is dedicated to all the men, women and children out there who have suffered, who have fought and won against challenges and setbacks of life, and who are still suffering from and battling with their own challenges, setbacks and disadvantages.

Wholesale and Bulk Pricing for Indie High Fashion T shirts

#wholesaleshopping at diamondfire apparel boutique store

In addition, Diamondfire Apparel boutique also provides wholesale bulk orders. Most merchandise is available for wholesale-bulk price. The minimum quantity for wholesale and bulk orders is only 12 pieces per style and color.

Store Policy

This fashion boutique’s store policy is if in case you are not satisfied with your order, or if you receive your item as defective, you can return it for a store credit or a refund within thirty days. Customer satisfaction is the utmost priority. Most of the orders are processed and shipped within 24 hours.

This company also offers free shipping to mailing addresses within the United States and accepts payment online by PayPal. For customers who don’t shop with PayPal, those customers can pay with their credit card. 30-Day Returns! Buy with confidence and experience why you shine like a diamond, in HOTTT like fire apparel at Diamondfire Apparel fashion boutique.

Article and Media Contact:
Afi Fennick
Indie Fashion Designer, Creative Artist & Blogger
Diamondfire Apparel Boutique
Phone: (617) 299-9395

shine like a diamond, in HOTTT like fire apparel

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  3. Wonderful article!

  4. I make clothes, women make fashion.

  5. The hardest thing in fashion is not to be known for a logo, but to be known for a silhouette.

  6. Playing dress-up begins at age five and never truly ends.

  7. Style is the only thing you can’t buy. It’s not in a shopping bag, a label, or a price tag. It’s something reflected from our soul to the outside world—an emotion

  8. Hi there, I think your t-shirt designs look great! I have never seen designs with fire and diamonds.

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