Diamondfire Apparel Is the Next ‘Diamond to Shine’ in The Fashion World 🌎

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Buy world-class fashion apparel designs online at affordable prices. Shine like a diamond in HOTTT like fire apparel.

Phoenix, AZ (Sept 14, 2020) – #Indiefashion is taking the market by storm! Around the globe, Indie attire seems to have taken the front seat. A new indie fashion boutique, which has some exquisite fashion designs, is being shipped free across United States locations. This #highfashion boutique has a large range of impeccable products to look out for If you want designer fashion, and this fashion boutique definitely has it!


Diamondfire Apparel features a collection of new, #highfashion designs. The online store boasts of having high quality products with rich designs and product colors. One of their programs, called the #TEAMDIAMONDFIREAPPAREL Ambassador Program allows you to display your ‘style, individuality and swagger’ and calls for men and women of all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life. With this program fashion ambassadors get various benefits like shopping discounts of 10 percent off of the entire Ambassadors section, also the men’s, women’s and kid’s sections of the boutique. Ambassadors get free, high quality online promotion, including display advertisements, video advertising, emails and more. The program also gives you the benefit of creating your own custom discount code to give to your followers for a 10 percent USD discount off their purchase. Through your promotion, you will earn a 10 percent USD commission from all sales driven from your promotions paid through Paypal, money order or even a store credit.

If that isn’t all, Ambassadors can earn 10 percent in sales PLUS up to an additional 5 percent (total of 15%) in weekly commission bonuses promoting Diamondfire Apparel clothing designs for #FashionAmbassadors recruiting the weekly sales minimum of 100 orders per week. The company also offers free shipping to shipping addresses within the United States and accepts payment online by PayPal. For customers who don’t shop with PayPal, those customers can pay with their credit card.

Diamondfire Apparel features a fashion tribute T-shirt with the slogan of ‘I destroy challenges, haters, obstacles and setbacks’. The main purpose of this fashion tee and its slogan is that there is a spiritual and motivational, message behind it. The slogan is dedicated to all the men, women and children out there who have suffered, who have fought and won against challenges and setbacks of life, and who are still suffering from and battling with their own challenges, setbacks and disadvantages.


In addition, Diamondfire Apparel boutique also provides wholesale bulk orders. Most merchandise is available for wholesale-bulk price. The minimum quantity for wholesale and bulk orders is only 12 pieces per style and color.

Diamondfire Apparel’s store policy is if in case you are not satisfied with your order, or if you receive your item as defective, you can return it for a store credit or a refund within thirty days. Customer satisfaction is the utmost priority. Most of the orders are processed and shipped within 24 hours.

For more details about Diamondfire Apparel and its products you could check out the official website on https://diamondfireapparel.net/

Media Contact:
Afi Fennick
Indie Fashion Designer & Fashion Blogger
Diamondfire Apparel Boutique

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