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Increase your reputation online and build brand awareness for your writing skills while expanding your global reach. Diamondfire Apparel fashion boutique is an independent fashion boutique featuring high fashion t shirts for ladies, men and kids. In addition, through giving back to community, Diamondfire Apparel fashion boutique supports and allows unique and engaging topics to be featured here. Topics related to Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Art and Health. People from all walks of life, nationwide and internationally, can their ideas through their words in guest posting.

Guidelines to follow for Guest Posting

The following are the guidelines that are expected from you to follow in case you wish to publish at this boutique. Length of the Article: An informative article with more than 350 words – that’s right, the minimum amount of words per article is only 350 words. Relevant, high-resolution, and high-quality images can also be added to your guest post FREE of charge. Fill out the contact form below to order your guest post to be featured at this fashion boutique.
Topics: Your write-up will be featured in the following areas of the boutique: the NEWS section the BLOG section the ALL POSTS section and your permalink page (which will be provided to you upon acceptance of your guest post)
Categories: Be sure to send us your articles that are related to the following categories: โ€“ Beauty โ€“ Fashion (especially indie fashion, upcoming designers, independent designers) โ€“ Health โ€“ Lifestyle โ€“ Entertainment โ€“ Photography โ€“ Art โ€“ Products โ€“ Hair โ€“ Music (especially independent music, underground music) โ€“ Food / Desserts โ€“ Space / The Universe / Astrology โ€“ Indie Photography โ€“ Anything Funny OR Interestingย 


External links: It’s your content, and you wrote it, so why not have a do-follow backlink to it? Your backlink can be any page or website you choose. You may include up to 2 sources for your backlink. Refunds:ย  If your article, video, or content is rejected for any reason, you are automatically refunded. Otherwise, ALL Sales are final for orders that are accepted.ย  Selling stuff: Selling is allowed, but professionally. The majority of the article should include components like facts, in depth information, and quotes. Affiliate links: Refer to the selling stuff section. Copyright: No write-ups accepted that are copied and pasted from other websites or any form of plagiarized content. If it is discovered that your submission is copy-pasted or plagiarized, the article you submitted will be removed. Right to Modify your Article By submitting your content, Diamondfire Apparel fashion boutique also reserves the right to modify ANY portion of your submission, before approving or uploading your article, if necessary, with or without notice.*ย 

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