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The TRUE purpose of this fashion tee and it’s slogan is that there is a spiritual and uplifting purpose/message behind it. In essence, this slogan and design are dedicated to all of the men, women and children out there in this WORLD 🌎 who are suffering from, have suffered from, or have been afflicted by life and circumstances of disadvantage, including challenges, haters, obstacles and setbacks.

This is a tribute and dedication to people who have survived from the disadvantages and those who are still struggling and fighting back.

These obstacles and challenges may include ANYTHING that causes a harmful impact towards a person, such as poverty, illness and sickness, racism, oppression, sexism, negativity, drama, spiritual disconnection, etc. I have learned of the spiritual and carnal powers of this world.

Believe me when I tell you, the spiritual realm is REAL. The spiritual struggle and spiritual battles are real, and they can directly and indirectly affect your physical life and health. This design is one of my creative, productive and powerful outreach attempts to real, everyday people of life all across the country and all across the world.

This summary was written in the spirit of acknowledgement and empowerment. This is to let others know that someone knows of your pain and sadness and despair… Also that there are others in the world like you, like me, like us. WE ARE NOT ALONE. WE NEVER WERE.

Here is a powerful King James version Bible concept to help you keep in mind…

These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

(Also.. For your encouragement, know this fact: When I’m feeling down and challenged by obstacles, I watch biographies on space.. I view the planets and stars and their wonders. The Bible says it took Ahayah one thousand years to create the heavens, space, including the diamond planet and other things..

When I think of some of the many types of planets and stars He made, I feel better and more encouraged. I feel better because I was made and I LIVE in His image, and because He is powerful – Most powerful of them All, I must also be powerful as well. Even the clouds in the sky, the air we breathe and need so much, the sun and moon exist and we know that Man did not create any of that. This let’s me know that HE is REAL and He is available to me. YOU should ALSO feel the same exact way.)

In the name of Ahayah Asher Ahayah.


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I process class action lawsuit claims for a major legal support firm and also I am a freelance content provider and content marketer. I work for a very popular, international content creation platform. My work is From The Ground Up. I graduated with honors from the University of Self-Taught and DIY. I am a multi-gifted, independent fashion designer and seamstress with a fond passion for both fashion photography and art photography. Key components of my works include style, distinction and fabulous quality every time. I AM under the Influence of Women’s Fashion. I have handmade fashion clothing and accessories for ladies. Now I create distinctive, high fashion designs for fashion t shirts in ladies, men and kids designs. I also blog about fashion, photography and other interesting stuff like recipes, entertainment, poetry, underground or independent music and news stories. In addition, I create exotic and distinctive fashion designs for ladies, men and kids clothing. I have been sketching and creating designs since I was younger. In addition, I founded an indie fashion blog that covers a variety of interesting subjects including indie fashion, music, photography, art, food and recipes, quotes and news. Stop by, you're invited.

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