T shirts in Fashion Top 5 Unique Designs at Diamondfire Apparel

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T shirts in Fashion Discovery: The Top 5 Designs at Diamondfire Apparel boutique

Fashion t shirts boutique, Diamondfire Apparel is an online bulk wholesale and retail provider of high fashion t-shirts with unique designs for womens fashion t shirts, fashion t shirts for mens, mens new fashion t shirts, fashionable t shirts for guys and high fashion, luxurious styles for kids. There are an assortment of colors and design varieties in store for everyone. These high fashion t-shirts include name brands like Gildan, Bella, American Apparel and more, but with the distinctive and luxurious fashion artwork design of fashion boutique owner, Afi Fennick.

A key thing in our daily wardrobe is T-shirts because they are extremely flexible. You can wear this article of clothing with many things – regardless of whether you are a man, woman or child. T-shirts could be used as a clear field for creative artwork and that opens many infinite opportunities for a competitive fashion design. From musicians and entertainers to sport’s teams, from bride-to-be parties to even uniforms, an amazing shirt can showcase a colossal speech for all walks of life. A creative mind is a powerful one! Unique things like in fashion t shirts usually catch attention from first sight, especially original clothes with vivid, vibrant colors and powerful slogans or designs.

Times have changed the way people dress nowadays; there was a time when people used to wear formal shirts with long sleeves and a pair of slacks. Now more people prefer to be comfortable and have started preferring to wear a more unique style of t shirts that are more trending and high fashion t shirts out at functions and events, at school, in the office and even for comfortable wear at home. But everything in fashion begins with inspiration. The power of a thought. Stylish and exotic designs will do nothing less than to help accentuate your fashionable features. If you prefer #exoticfashion you need to look for a unique spot, where you will find just what you want.



The fashion collection includes in style t shirts with name brands like Bella, American Apparel, Gildan, and more. Even more stylish than fashion nova t shirts, they are fashion design t shirts. The types of merchandise included within the fashion collection are a variety of vivid and beautiful colors of tank tops, hoodies, t-shirts, jerseys, and more. The compilation of sizes of fashion t-shirts within the collection include sizes Youth Extra-Small up to Youth Extra-Large for teenagers and sizes Small up to 3-Extra-Large for adults. There are twelve categories of fashion merchandise designs available and more than 105 fashion designs of t-shirts in the boutique’s catalog with more product colors and new artwork designs currently in development.

There are a variety of eccentric fashion designs made in to unique design t shirts and unique t shirts designs available in a variety of vivid colors like lime green, royal blue, deep orange, vivid red, etc. One of the main logo designs is a white diamonds and fiery logo that contains a capital D with shining white diamonds print, a capital F of blending orange and red fire print and a capital A that is a solid script. The designs include not standard or typical logos that you would regularly see in online search results or in stores like quick comments or common graphics on t-shirts. These colors, designs and artwork are truly original and could also be classified as: street fashion t shirts, fashion t shirts printed and even in the hip hop fashion t shirts category.

One of the most important features in design of a fashion t-shirt include the logo. The logo is hardly just a symbol, it has the potential to upgrade any company in to a more popular business with creative e-marketing strategies. The brand name Diamondfire Apparel was born because of the designer’s desire to make an impactful and positive impression on potential customers. The slogan was to accompany the brand name, according to the designer as she recalls how the name and slogan came about in a statement from her indie fashion blog:

“I was thinking the name needs to be something powerful yet appealing and the slogan needs to do the same.”

She recalls the birth of her slogan in this statement:

“I caught on to diamonds, then I imagined white diamonds falling. Then I imagined blaring fire. So I imagined them together… Diamondfire! The word Apparel most immediately hit me to go with Diamondfire… Diamondfire Apparel. Several days later I was thinking how this would work as a slogan… Diamondfire… Diamondfire Apparel… What do diamonds do? They shine! Shine like a diamond, in HOTTT like fire apparel! This was a potent company name and slogan because it blended so perfectly and Both the company name and slogan go hand-in-hand. Captivating and intriguing. Eerily cosmic! Yes!”


Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. The t-shirts in fashion contained in the list below are highly popular due to how many views, purchases and feedback generated from users. Here are currently the top five totally unique t shirts and cool unique t shirts designs from Diamondfire Apparel…



WHOLESALE MAUVE MUSCLE TEE - Diamondfire Apparel boutique
WHOLESALE MAUVE MUSCLE TEE – Diamondfire Apparel boutique

This fashion yoga top is for the ladies and young women featuring a fancy Babygirl logo. The design also features a white diamonds filled D, an orange-yellow fire-filled F with a solid A on the front and back. Where have you this design before? Nowhere. #Babygirl #swagger #style #new #exoticfashion

This fashion yoga top is a part of the wholesale collection. This is a Bella + Canvas Flowy Rolled Cuff Muscle Tee. The fabric is very lightweight and keeps you cool while working out.  Relaxed, draping fit with high-low raw edged hem.




Be a #DiamondfireBabe in RED… This fashion t shirt is a canvas tank top is a vivid red with a white diamond-filled D, an F full of fire and a solid A and Diamondfire Apparel Babe on the front. Also featured in this fashion logo design is “Drippin’ SWAGG” with Diamondfire Apparel logo below on the back. Definitely a popular choice in womens fashion t shirts because of the vivid red color and the fiery / white diamonds logo designs.

It is a part of the Ambassador’s Wholesale collection. It’s something special for the Ambassadors! The Jersey Tank by Canvas is a soft and light-weight tank top. Made from Canvas’s Airlume combed and ring-spun cotton, the material is comfortable.




Be a #DiamondfireBabe in BLACK… This fashion canvas tank top is a true black top with a white diamond-filled D, an F full of fire and a solid A with Diamondfire Apparel Babe on the front. Also featured in this fashion logo design is “Drippin’ SWAGG” with Diamondfire Apparel logo below on the back.

It is a part of the Ambassador’s Wholesale collection. It’s something special for the Ambassadors! The Jersey Tank by Canvas is a soft and light-weight tank top. Made from Canvas’s Airlume combed and ring-spun cotton, the material is comfortable.



ROYAL BLUE HARD FAITH IN AHAYAH T-SHIRT - Diamondfire Apparel boutique
ROYAL BLUE HARD FAITH IN AHAYAH T-SHIRT – Diamondfire Apparel boutique

This fashion t-shirt is a royal blue fashion t-shirt that blends with the fire print inside “HARD FAITH” and the clouds and sky print inside “IN AHAYAH ASHER AHAYAH“. This logo is a creative expression of faith in a world of major conflicts nowadays. Ahayah t-shirts. Definitely one of those popular and eye-catching fashion t-shirts for mens.

Ahayah t-shirts are available for bulk wholesale purchases and retail purchases. The Ultra Cotton Tee by Gildan is a standard crew-neck t-shirt made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton. It is a durable, classic t-shirt for sure.


Introducing the Tribute Tee…


This fashion t-shirt is a personal, motivational and spiritual tribute to those of us in this world who have experienced, or are experiencing any challenges, setbacks or obstacles in their lives. The slogan of this new fashion t-shirt is a strong dedication and remembrance to all the men, women and even children out there who have suffered, who have fought and won against challenges and setbacks of life, and who are still suffering from and battling with their own challenges, setbacks and disadvantages.

The Tribute Tee is a part of Diamondfire Apparel’s wholesale collection. The brand is Bella + Canvas and the product is a Flowy Rolled Cuff Muscle Tee. This exceptionally soft top features rolled cuffs at arm openings and it has a relaxed, draping fit with a high-low raw edged hem.


Store Policy:
30-Day Returns! This fashion boutique’s store policy is if in case you are not satisfied with your order, or if you receive your item as defective, you can return it for a store credit or a refund within thirty days. At Diamondfire Apparel, customer satisfaction is an utmost priority. Orders are typically processed and shipped within 24 hours. Designer Quote from the fashion boutique website:

If you are unsatisfied with your order, I don’t want you to keep it. Return it for a store credit or refund.

You have up to thirty, (30) days to return the merchandise.

Free shipping:
Diamondfire Apparel provides free shipping to mailing addresses within the United States and accepts payment online by PayPal. For those who don’t shop with PayPal, those customers can pay with their credit card. International orders are welcome, but the international customers must be responsible for all shipping fees, taxes, tariffs, etc.

#Wholesaleshopping at Diamondfire Apparel
ALL merchandise at Diamondfire Apparel is available for wholesale-bulk price. If there is an item you are interested in for wholesale price, please contact V.I.P Support. The minimum quantity for wholesale and bulk orders is only twelve (12) pieces per style and color.


Afi Fennick, founder of Diamondfire Apparel boutique is a self-taught fashion seamstress and a self-made indie fashion designer. In her mid-twenties, she purchased her first sewing machine online and started investigating how different articles of clothing are made. She began teaching herself how to sew fashion clothing, create design patterns, sketch fashion designs and diagram them. Up to date, she has made a few faux fur jackets, a pair of leggings, stylish blouses, elegant dress pants, and a variety of fashion bandeau dresses with multiple patterns, prints and designs.

She emphasizes in her last fashion interview how she has great respect for more experienced seamstresses than herself. How it does take time, a lot of work and patience to really indulge in to fashion sewing and how the fancier any item of clothing is, the more seamstress work will be required to complete each design successfully.

From December 2018 – March 2019, she has had fashion collaborations with two indie fashion models through fashion photography shoots and fashion art photography production. Her complete fashion biography, her design portfolio and fashion resume are all available on her indie fashion blog. She quotes:

Fashion design is something I look forward to as a career. It is a strong passion. I have a keen eye for it, and I look forward to releasing, constantly showcasing and growing from my talents.”

She now continues to create digital fashion art designs for fashion t-shirts and clothing and looks forward to producing an ambassadors fashion collection for men very soon. She is also is working on a new, eccentric t-shirt design for her men’s collection. She has unwavering faith and determination that through all of her hard work, self-efficacy, productivity and creativity that one day soon her services will grow abundantly and internationally.


The best fashion t shirts mean that people want to wear them. The best fashion T-shirt designs also mean that people will pay for high quality products with powerful, unique and outstanding designs on them. Ensure that your T-shirt, created just for you by a professional, does not get hidden in the back of the wardrobe OR worse yet, BLEND IN with everyone else’s style.

Quality, design, and style are three main directions, in which you should pick your inspiration provider. The designs on your clothes should be fantastic and of high quality only. You do not want to lose it after a few washes, right?

Clothing is much more than just something to wear, it can also be a reflection of you, deep down inside. Thus, why not make an announcement by wearing something specially distinctive? With your indie fashion T-shirt, you can motivate, inspire, speak, and be a part of and share a powerful message – especially nowadays, so don’t hide or blend in. Give a huge portion of inspiration to others by wearing fashionable and unique printed t shirts that will fit with all elements of your daily wardrobe. Allow yourself a little more. Be bright, be exotic, be different.

Shop with confidence and experience why you Shine like a diamond, in HOTTT like fire apparel at Diamondfire Apparel.

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