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DOUBT is a negative energy When you doubt You LIMIT yourself
DOUBT is a negative energy When you doubt You LIMIT yourself

May ALL of you who read this post have a fabulous New Year!

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Shine like a Diamond, in HOTTT like Fire Apparel – Diamondfire Apparel Press Release 5 (1)

Fashion Design and Sewing are My Therapy. It’s an ADRENALINE RUSH from the time I arrive at the fabric shop, until the time I get back home and cut out patterns to create something new and distinctive, from Idea, to Fabric, to Creation….

Saturday, December 7th 2019: I remember at the age of 18, 19 – me, sketching diagrams of fashion merchandise. Shoes, clothes, boots and costume jewelry. I’ve always had a passion for fashion. I taught myself how to sew, when I bought my first sewing machine from Walmart online. I think that taking on the challenge of fashion sewing became such a “learn-able task” for me because both my mother and grandmother were also seamstresses, plus I am a hands-on learner. I guess that I “inherited” the skill. I had to learn firsthand what the construction of fashion garments were like. It was an interesting experience.

Gradually, I learned more about patience and perfecting stitches with working on continuous fashion projects. I have designed, made and introduced my primary fashion collection with two indie models – Tina and Lucie.

Tina was my first official indie fashion model. Our first photo shoot was fun! Tina featured a half and half animal print / cat print fashion bandeau dress. We had over two hours of fashionable and playful, fun poses.
It all started from an idea… When I first saw the animal print material, it attracted me. I said to myself, “I’m a use this.” And then I looked for a color or tone that would match perfectly and found the solid color to coordinate. I said to myself, “This is gonna be a fashion dress!” Now, with the help of indie fashion model Young T, she made it COME ALIVE when she slipped into this dress.
It went from being two pieces of fashion fabric, to being a fashion dress on a hanger on the door, to being modeled. She ensembled it well!

Lucie, my second fashion prodigy – featured a half and half black and white striped fashion tube dress. We also had over two hours of exotic, fun-loving poses.
It all started from an idea… When I first saw the animal print material, it attracted me. I said to myself, “I’m a use this.” And then I looked for something that would match perfectly and found the solid color to coordinate. I said to myself, “This is it!” Now, with the help of indie fashion model Lucie, she made it COME ALIVE when she slid into this dress.
It went from being two pieces of fashion fabric, to being a fashion dress laid out on my sewing table, to being modeled. She ROCKED it!

In addition, I also designed and created a fashion cloth jewelry décor collection featuring leg bangles and arm bangles – which are basically a collection of bracelets and bangles for the legs and arms, designed with decorative and novelty fashion fabrics.

I work well with laces, fishnets, sequins, patterns, prints, solids, furs, leathers, knits, stretches and non-stretches, embroidery and patterns. I CAN HELP! If I’m left in a room of fashion fabrics, I will create many designs, guaranteed!

Diamondfire Apparel boutique is a fashion service for those who love handmade and stylish items, including tube dresses, bandeau dresses, fashion accessories – such as leg bangles and arm jewelry, basically like costume jewelry with different designs, as a fabric or material rather than traditional jewelry made up of metals.

Before this year is over, it’s going down! There’s a new fashion collection of leg décor, luxury fashion is what it really is. Introductory samples include decorative asian brocade fashion leg décor with ribbon drawstring closure. Another introductory design includes animal print faux fur leg designs with satin drawstring ribbon closure.
I can’t wait to introduce more designs!

In addition to the Diamondfire Apparel boutique, Diamondfire Apparel fashion blog features a variety of fashion tips, ongoing fashion coupons and upcoming giveaways, beauty tips, food recipes, even interesting natural health ideas tips.
It’s also a fun fashion blog featuring a variety of independent artist talent through music and poetry, funny videos, fashion interviews, fashion photography and more. Become a reader and you’ll soon become a fan!

Fashion is a form of personal expression through style and it doesn’t mean that you have to spend a truckload of money. You can keep your budget and still look great for every event, party or outing that you attend. Anyone can wear ornaments and cover up themselves in jewellery but not every one can “Shine like a Diamond in HOTTT like Fire Apparel” amongst the crowd. More new styles of bandeau dresses, tube dresses and luxury fashion accessories coming soon. Visit Diamondfire Apparel boutique and fashion blog today!

Afi Fennick
Fashion Seamstress & Designer Phone: (617) 299-9395 Boutique Store: https://www.diamondfireapparel.net
Fashion Blog: https://www.diamondfireapparel.com

I #Freestyle #BandeauDresses, #TubeDresses 5 (7)

Thank you sooo much for visiting my fashion boutique.

Allow me the opportunity to design and make something fabulous! A fashion tube dress, bandeau dress, a fashion dress, skirt, blouse or fashion outfit for you!

I have direct access to inventories of stylish textiles and fabrics to create new and exotic fashion designs for bandeau dresses, tube dresses, strapless dresses and certain other types of fashion dresses. I can design cute, comfortable and casual styles. My designs are usually at least 50% stretchable fabrics because I am aware that women of today have a variety of shapes, fits and sizes. Here are bandeau dresses that I designed and made for my indie models, Tina and Lucie. #instagramphotos



I absolutely LOVE fashion! It’s an adrenaline rush to create something new and lovely – like this green Army fatigue sleeveless dress below.


I can also design and make more elegant, evening stylish dresses and even high fashion dresses for work as well. This blue satin and blue denim outfit shown below is one I designed years ago. This outfit is for cold or cool temperatures, like the Fall / Autumn season. Top colors for this outfit include red satin, blue satin, white satin and black satin designs.


I work with all budget types. For as low as $15, I can design for you and make a fashion blouse OR a fashion skirt.

This red and animal printed fabric caught my attention, so I bought it and decided to cut a pattern for a Summer turtleneck design and voila! There it is, now a fashion summer turtleneck blouse I wear! I LOVE IT!

I can work with your fashion design ideas, pictures, written design requests OR I can take over the fashion design for you and make something fabulous.


For $20, I can design and make for you a stylish and cute skirt OR dress, like this fashion dress below. It’s a nice and stylish fashion dress with half and half solid and coordinating print design. It’s soft and  lightweight.

#DesigenrAfi wearing thin straps Handmade Half and Half Fashion Dress


$10 USPS Flat Rate Shipping within United States. International orders are definitely also welcomed, however international shipping starts at $20. (I charge no extra shipping fees. Clients can choose whichever shipping option is preferred. Orders are shipped from Mesa, AZ USA.)


In addition to stylish designs I can make, I also can do fashion embellishments to already made clothing to men’s clothing AND women’s clothing. Learn more about that below, click the blue graphic Styles I designed below:

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Do you like clubbing or partying? Do you love looking great, rocking the latest designer fashions? Maybe you are going on a date? Maybe you’re heading to a special event, or even to a costume party – but hate the price tag associated with buying other designer brands?

Sure, you can shop with other stores for fashion dresses, tube dresses and bandeau dresses, but only at Diamondfire Apparel – you actually get ingenuity, creativity. This brand is a unique presentation of high quality designs, fabrics and fashion sewing. You are covered from casual, to formal, to anything in between. Pick your colors, prints and patterns.

HANDMADE FASHION DRESS | ANIMAL PRINT Half solid, half animal print design, Color: CREAM | Diamondfire Apparel 

Both dresses feature a drawstring around the upper tube area for added security. The cream and animal print tube dress has a more decorative, ribbon drawstring. The white and stripes bandeau dress has a more simple, but yet still effective drawstring.

HANDMADE FASHION DRESS | STRIPES Half solid, half striped design Color: White | Diamondfire Apparel

I work well with a variety of fashion fabrics, including sequins, lace, satin, silk, denim, stretch fabrics, stretch prints even faux furs and more; the choice is yours. You may want a cute and comfortable tube dress. You may want a dressier, stylish bandeau dress that enhances your elegance. Either way, I AM FAIR GAME Luv!😉

Don’t FIND fabulous clothes, don’t SHOP for fabulous clothes, instead have fabulous new clothes DESIGNED and sewn to order… for you, and all highly affordable. Opt in to accentuate your fashion statement with handmade stylish leg jewelry sets to decorate your legs or other styles of costume jewelry.

The only thing you need to make sure that you have – is a strapless bra or tube bra to wear with your new dress!

Diamondfire Apparel is exclusively for women who desire to turn heads… of other women, and men too! Be BLESSED with trendsetting and flirty fashion dress styles of bandeau dresses, tube dresses and leg jewelry. Welcome to Diamondfire Apparel. You are just a few clicks away from perfection.