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I process class action lawsuit claims for a major legal support firm and also I am a freelance content provider and content marketer. I work for a very popular, international content creation platform. My work is From The Ground Up. I graduated with honors from the University of Self-Taught and DIY. I am a multi-gifted, independent fashion designer and seamstress with a fond passion for both fashion photography and art photography. Key components of my works include style, distinction and fabulous quality every time. I AM under the Influence of Women’s Fashion. I have handmade fashion clothing and accessories for ladies. Now I create distinctive, high fashion designs for fashion t shirts in ladies, men and kids designs. I also blog about fashion, photography and other interesting stuff like recipes, entertainment, poetry, underground or independent music and news stories. In addition, I create exotic and distinctive fashion designs for ladies, men and kids clothing. I have been sketching and creating designs since I was younger. In addition, I founded an indie fashion blog that covers a variety of interesting subjects including indie fashion, music, photography, art, food and recipes, quotes and news. Stop by, you're invited.

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eX·ot·ic /iɡˈzädik/ attractive or striking because colorful or out of the ordinary. #EXOTICFASHION Welcome to Diamondfire Apparel fashion boutique, a #retailshopping and a #wholesaleshopping site …