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PLEASE NOTE: BELOW These are Examples of types of fashion embellishments I can do to men and women’s clothing. I can use embroideries, fabrics or trims to embellish or enhance a fashionable look. I can use your fashion design ideas or create my own. The sky is damn near the limit.

I can work with a a variety of budgets and a variety of fashion preferences. Fashion embellishment services start as low as $20. Customer / client has to pay for the fabric, trim and / or embroidery to be used in the fashion design of the merchandise.

Shipping cost is $10 USPS nationwide. International shipping clients may choose their shipping preference. Orders are shipped from Mesa, AZ USA.

QUESTIONS? Definitely contact me. I can help.  PLEASE NOTE: I SPECIALIZE IN DESIGNING AND MAKING FASHION DRESSES, TOPS / BLOUSES, AND SKIRTS – LONG, SHORT AND MINI SKIRTS – I DO ONLY FASHION EMBELLISHMENTS TO LEGGINGS, PANTS AND JEANS AT THIS TIME. Reach me by phone, by chat, by text, leave a comment here, by email OR using the contact form below.


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